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Sketches From the Thought Chamber

  out of 4

Artist: Michael Harris
Genre: Rock
Release Date: June 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Michael Harris is being touted as one of the best guitarist around, right up with the Satriani's, Vai's, and other guitar Gods of our age. Your probably saying, "Yeah right, the second coming of Clapton, sure. Well probably not, there is only on Clapton. As far as I am concerned there aren't that many guitarist around that can play clean, fast, and with plenty of technical expertise. Harris can, and he will turn your head in a heartbeat. If you're a prog-rock head or an instrumental freak (like me) you will appreciate this CD.

The sound and engineering is courtesy of Kol Marshall, and it's fabulous. Harris's proficiency on the six-string deserves the extra attention in the control room from those guys turning the knobs. Harris also has a hand in the production with help from John Purdom.

The first track 'Prognosis' is an ever-changing dynamo stopping the clock at 8:03; it's a typical multi-part prog song reflecting the general time frame off the genre. 'Regroovination,' what a title for a song, just beautiful. Harris makes sure you are re-grooved forever with that track. 'Voyage To Xyrethius' is five part journey to another land, the guitar playing makes sure that the story is told in all five parts, just as the song is listed.

You may never listen to instrumental guitar the same again after hearing this. Was I blown away? You bet. You know, with all the music that I hear it takes a helluva lot to knock my socks off…this did with ease. This is a great CD. Get it now. If you think that this may not be as good as I say it is? You will 'Eat Your Words.'

1. Prognosis
2. Neuro-Transmitter
3. Regroovination
4. Two Worlds Beyond
5. Shibboleth
6. Voyage To Xyrethius
7. Ideo Symphony
8. Madfingers
9. Eat Your Words
10. A Soul's Torment



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