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Wild Eleki Deluxe

  out of 4 Music Review: Wild Eleki Deluxe

Artist: Royal Fingers
Genre: Instrumental
Release Date: January 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Itís been much too long since Bob Keane blew the dust off of the Del-Fi music machine. I donít know why it has been so long since a new release has come from Mr. Keaneís label. Well one has finally arrived, itís been worth the wait, and it usually is.

The Royal Fingers, imported from Japan, are a sizzling instrumental trio that combines the best of both worlds in their music. There is the traditional surf, that Del-Fi had a hand in making a reality back in the early years, and then there is the straight ahead facets of rock that will keep you attached to your speakers and your heart fluttering. "Wild Eleki Deluxe" is the latest release (Make sure you check out the groupís website for their special vinyl releases and EPs, they have quite a catalog of recordings) from this red-hot trio from the land of the rising sun. Believe me, the sun never sets on this music; itís on a continual rise right into the musical stratosphere. This isnít your typical surf-instrumental album with five originals and five or six cover tunes, most every song is an original. Certainly you can hear familiar rhythms and beats; itís not something you can easily sidestep with such simple music. Regardless of the simplicity, this group really rocks, and they donít let up for second. This album is a model of consistency.

The best tracks are "Violet Sky", "Test Driver", and the Surfarisí classic "Point Panic." There are eighteen tracks of instro dynamite, now thatís enough to keep you busy, right? This group has made their mark in Japan, where they are very popular, and now they are ready to conquer America. Ladies and gents, boys and girls, let me introduce you to The Royal Fingers, one the hottest instrumental trios in the world.

1. Go Royal Fingers
2. Blue Jean No. 1
3. Black Sand Beach
4. Bonneville
5. Hey Chance!
6. Golden Guitar
7. Age Of Toyota
8. Running Donkey
9. Point Panic
10. Violet Sky
11. Test Driver
12. West Side Guitar
13. Wild Datsun
14. Burning 24OZ
15. Crazy Sue Sax

Bonus Tracks:
16. AJoen AJoen
17. The L.A.
18. Echo Rocket 66



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