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toy reviewtoy reviewtoy reviewtoy review Toy Review: Raenius Manufacturer: McFarlane Toys
Recommended Age: 8 and up
Category: Action Figure

Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 4

Review by Ken
3½ Stars out of 4

You're walking through the toy aisles in your local Toys-R-Us and   almost get yourself trampled by a frenzied group of 8-year olds who are   screaming and running away in extreme terror. Why? Because they just caught   sight of this ugly-assed mother. Yeah, that's right. Raenius is hands down the most horrendous-looking action figure character you'll see on toy  shelves this year. But don't sweat it, because this is actually a good  thing- especially if your cup of tea is hyper-cool monster creatures and the  like. Taken straight from the pages of the now-cancelled Curse of The Spawn comic-book, Raenius is a formidable mass of pulsating scabs and blisters,  draped over with strips of loose flesh and skin; and is the owner of an  entirely exposed and gore-encrusted ribcage. I'm telling you, it takes some  serious creativity to think up something that's this detailed in its monstrosity.

Outward appearances aside, Raenius is one freaking fun toy to play with. It has 6 bendable snakes attached to its back as well as plastic guts that you can place in its ribcage to create the effect of them "falling out". Other accessories include 4 snap-on wings, a large spear and a tiny,   winged fairy that serves as Raenius' guide and companion. Where articulation   is concerned, this figure has movement of the arms, elbows, legs, wrists and head. Standing almost up to 10 inches in height (with wings attached), this brute should effectively dwarf almost every other action figure you own.

Now for the complaints- and this is a pretty BIG one: Raenius absolutely CANNOT stand. Maybe you're thinking; "Oh, but you just have to pose it in a certain way…etc." Nah. Forget it. I've tried everything already. The simple fact is that the figure's upper body is simply too big and bulky for the almost scrawny (by comparison) legs to support. That's why it falls down every single @#$%*#$ time you think you've got it standing just right. This is shaping up to be a constant complaint with most of McFarlane Toy's action figures of late. Of course, there are holes in Raenius' feet to make the figure compatible with display stands; but that's still no excuse. Ultimately, your best bet is to lean the toy up against something.

However, despite the unforgivable oversight; Raenius still deserves its four star rating on account of the fact that its so damned awesomely detailed and freaking menacing to look at. After buying this, you should also go immediately to your nearest comic-book shop and hunt for Curse Of The Spawn No.'s 20 and 21; for the now collector's item first appearance of Raenius. Highly recommended.

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