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NBA Shootout 2001

video game review video game review Video Game Review: NBA Shootout 2001 Publisher: Sony
Category: Sports, Basketball
Platform: PS1, PS2
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: October 2000

Overall Rating: 2 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
2 Stars out of 4
(Review of PS1 version)

NBA ShootOut 2001's interactive experience is occasionally interrupted with distracting and excessive stealing moves as well as a few automatically controlled moments in which the computer plays Big Brother. Ironically, the artificial intelligence overall is usually fairly inactive.

The Create a Dunk mode is one of those neat but worthless novelties, allowing you to create the pose that a player will develop into as he jumps to the hoop for a dunk.

Considering the availability of NBA 2K1 and the upcoming PS2 games, this PlayStation game is not worth an investment, especially for owners of last year's nearly identical 2000 installment.

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