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Rugrats Scavenger Hunt

video game review Video Game Review: Rugrats Scavenger Hunt Publisher: THQ
Category: Board Game
Platform: N64
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: June 1999

Overall Rating: 1 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
1 Star out of 4

THQ scored a big hit with Rugrats: Search for Reptar for the PlayStation last year. This year, the Nintendo 64 plays host to the amusing franchise. The PlayStation version was an adventure game with very specific, goal-oriented game play, but Rugrats Scavenger Hunt for the N64 is really nothing more than a board game on cartridge… and this is no Monopoly.

For a game so simple in nature, it seems ridiculous to have to read the instruction booklet just to understand even the most basic game play elements. While you might be able to figure out that you need to collect statue pieces or treasure in some areas, it might take a minute to realize that cookies are required to keep Angelica away. Kind of like bribe money.

Without question, you will be caught unaware of the rock-paper-scissors part of the game, in which each player picks an object similar to one of those three. If you don't read the book, you won't know why you're picking an object. Reading the book should not be necessary in a game this simple. You can pick up Mario Party and know what's going on without any trouble at all.

While we're not against instruction booklets, we think game designers have forgotten that they're supposed to be references, not prerequisites.

Still, even if you ignore that, the game is just not exciting. The cinemas reflect the Rugrats theme and characters, but that's really the only strong point. In the end, this title does not live up to Rugrats quality.

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