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Twisted Metal 4

video game review video game review Video Game Review: Twisted Metal 4 Publisher: 989 Studies
Category: Action, Shooter
Platform: PS1
ESRB Rating: Teen    Release Date: November 1999

Overall Rating: 2 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
2 Stars out of 4

Twisted Metal 4 is like Tomb Raider 4: More of the same, but better than last year's installment.

I appreciate two things in this game. First, I like how you can designate any function to any button. You can even assign the X button to activate vehicle acceleration and machine gun-fire simultaneously. You can't change controls from the pause menu, however.

The second change I appreciate is the quick recovery from crashes and flips. What were the developers thinking last year? Were they so myopic to think that we'd actually enjoy repetitive drawn-out scenes of destruction at the expense of fluent game play? Oh, wait a minute. I forgot who these people make games for. Boys.

Boys will love the 14 weapons. Boys will love the deathmatch mode. Boys (and by boys I mean minors) will never get tired of fireballs and cars. And that's what this game is all about.

Other information:

The eight levels are very similar to levels in past installments. When you run out of ammo, combos become your saving grace. (Yes, button sequenced combos.)

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