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World Series Baseball 2K1

video game review video game review Video Game Review: World Series Baseball 2K1 Publisher: Sega
Category: Sports, Baseball
Platform: Dreamcast
ESRB Rating: Everyone    Release Date: July 2000

Overall Rating: 1.5 Stars out of 4

Review by Tom Allen
1½ Stars out of 4

World Series Baseball 2K1 caught my attention from the second I saw the packaging. The trademark white casing of Dreamcast games has been traded in for PlayStation black with WSB. What's the deal with that?

That question also applies to the game itself, which has automatic fielding to the dismay of sim- oriented baseball fans who prefer manual control. Sega should have included both styles as options.

The character animation in WSB is impressive as expected, but the aural atmosphere leaves a little to be desired. The crowds and commentary just don't feel "alive."

Stadiums are recreated with fair to excellent accuracy, and the camera views show off the hard work along those lines.

Also favorable is the easy control for selecting pitch types. Fastballs, screwballs, sliders, sinkers, forkballs, and curve balls are all available. Batting with the R trigger also feels intuitive.

WSB features a create-a-player mode and supports 8-player Internet play, but even with those features, the game is not as exciting as Sega's other debut sports titles for the Dreamcast.

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